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ISO 15189 Consultant in Kuwait

If you are searching a competent ISO 15189 Consultant in Kuwait who can help you to get your Lab accreditation fast and smooth, you are probably at the right place to search for it. Every day we are getting many calls from the labs and they are asking to get a help in the crisis.
Since they felt stuck up with the things or it may taking longer time as they expected, so ideally we always encourage our clients to give a try while implement it himself rather investing a money for hiring a consultant but sometimes the problems may be arise when you are actually facing the Auditor and most they had long list of “Non Compliance” and you feel like really stuck up with something as need to redo the same things that we had started.

So we guess it’s not at all harm to consultant a doctor like us who can really suggest to patch up things faster which didn’t expect before. We will do obviously with an official quote but it’s worth investment to avail the fastest ISO 15189 accreditation in Kuwait.

Do I really need an ISO 15189 certificate in Kuwait for my labs?

ISO 15189 certificate

Yes. You have to understand that any medical labs or diagnostic centers are sensitive industry and the results directly and indirectly from it has impact on Human health so you need an approval of test parameters by the independent party who has particular authority to accredit your labs and we are not saying that without ISO 15189 it doesn’t mean that you are fall out of compliance rather you must hold an approval from any Govt. or Non-govt. body to increase your brand’s acceptance and go ahead off competition.

Accredited Your Medical Laboratories with ISO 15189 in Kuwait

ISO 15189:2012 is specially designed for Medical Laboratory and how they care about the patient while demonstrating Laboratory Management System such as ISO for medical lab , Testing procedures, Method Validation, SOPs , ideal environmental condition , adequate trained staff , equipment’s, maintenance, proficiency testing & reporting while maintaining safety ethics in medical laboratory works. To know all this we have best free ISO 15189 pdf for you.

British CERT is an expert ISO 15189 certification consultant in Kuwait and rest of Middle East that can support you in any matter from the applying procedure to getting the ISO 15189 accreditation in Kuwait.

It is essential to patient care for medical laboratories and that must be addressed the needs of all patients and the clinical supervision is required for maintaining a good quality standard. A good quality of works can be included by necessary arrangements for test request, preparation of patient data, identification of samples, collection & sampling, handling & storage of samples, clinical examination of samples, lab test procedure & traceability and method validation of tested samples, report preparation & feedback.

Who should take ISO 15189 Accreditation in Kuwait?

ISO 15189Any Laboratory is engaged in Medical or clinical examination or in diagnostics center, pathology etc .can go for it this to show its highest standard for patient caring and can gain trust from the local authority and health care regulatory. ISO 15189 for pathology, ISO 15189 for clinical test centre.

Like DHA (Dubai Health Authority) , ESMA/ENAS and others regional body or health authority now empathizing & insisting the laboratory willing to have register to have ISO 15189 and by obtaining this, increase patient trust and making happy the authority to become an ideal quality medical laboratory services provider. This also a license requirement to participate every lab in proficiency testing and must have implemented ISO 15189:2012 accreditation.


  • Application Submission
  • Group Meeting
  • Technical Review
  • Implementation Training
  • Documentation
  • Internal Audit -core team
  • Pre-Assessment
  • Accreditation Audit
  • Non Complianance Clearenece
  • Award Certificate
  • Surveillance Audit

What are the requirements of ISO 15189 accreditation in Kuwait?

The medical laboratory must be complying with ISO 15189:2012 International Standards. The requirements divided into two parts a. Quality Requirements and b.) Technical requirement.Quality requirements are mostly based ISO 9001 Certification.

A) Quality Requirements

  • Quality Manual
  • Policy
  • Management Responsibility
  • Quality and its tools for error awareness and detection
  • Quality Manager
  • Quality Assessment including:
  • Accreditation, PT, and Document Control
  • Internal Audit and Indicators
  • Error Remediation and Correction
  • Error Prevention
  • Monitoring for Customer Satisfaction
  • Management Review

B) Technical Requirements

  • Personnel Accommodation
  • Environmental conditions Laboratory equipment
  • Reagents, and consumables Pre-examination process Ensuring quality of examination results Post-examination processes Reporting of results Release of results

How can we choose an ISO accreditation body in Kuwait?

If a laboratory seeks accreditation, it should select an accrediting body which operates in accordance with ISO/IEC 17011 and which takes into account the particular requirements of medical laboratories.

How much cost to get ISO 15189 Certification in Kuwait?

Generally ,the cost consists the accreditation fees & our consultation fees and this is dependents the criticality of operations, manpower and number man-days required for the every project so it somehow very difficult to standardize any fixed price, however, we can quickly assess the quotation once you allow us to visit your lab and call us directly at 056 549 6577 or email us at

How can we approach British CERT for this?

British CERT is famous  for providing expert ISO 15189 consultant in Kuwait and we undertake the overall accreditation process while accomplish its objectives to help you to acquire the final accreditation without any hassle and also we are partnering with well-known accreditation body to give our best supports to our clients.

Please feel free to call us directly at 056 549 6577 or email us at, we can assure our reply within 4 hrs. at the same day.

Download : ISO-15189-pdf.pdf (319 downloads) for free.

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