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SA 8000 certification is promoted as a discretionary, universal standard for companies those are interested in auditing and certifying the labor law practices in their facilities those of their suppliers and vendors.

It helps in measuring the performance of companies in eight significant areas – child labor, forced labor, health and safety, free association and collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours and compensations.

SA 8000 Consultant in Kuwait
What is SA 8000?

Social Accountability 8000 is a non-administrative, multi-partner organization whose mission is to propel the human rights of workers around the globe. It partners to progress the workers’ rights and to take out sweatshops by advancing decent working conditions, work rights, corporate social obligation, and social discourse.

SAI built up one of the world’s superior social standards the SA8000® standard for better than average work, a device for actualizing global work standards. Numerous more working environments are associated with programs utilizing SAI projects and SA8000 as aides for development.

In light of a legitimate concern for straightforwardness, we help SAI in making information accessible about SA8000-confirmed organizations. Each quarter CBs are required to present a rundown of all as of now confirmed SA 8000 certified organization.

Benefits of SA 8000

SA 8000 compliance proves the commitment to social accountability of an organization. Besides it shows the employer’s treatment to its employees and under universal standards.

This certification can enhance the management and performance of the supply chain simultaneously. SA 8000 allows a company to ensure compliance with global standards and reduce the risk of malpractice, public exposure, and possible litigations.

Demonstrating commitment to social accountability can get you corporate vision and build and reinforce the loyalty of your employees, customers, and stakeholders, which in turn impacts your bottom line.

SA 8000 certified facilities enjoy a competitive advantage and workers experience concrete benefits. Some of the benefits are detailed below:

  • Enhanced opportunities to organize trade unions and bargain collectively.
  • Enhances company and brand reputation.
  • Improves employee recruitment, retention, and productivity.
  • Supports better supply chain management and performance.

In Kuwait, SA 8000 certification marks your organization as enabled with the following features:

  • An SA 8000 certification ensures that Child labor is neither in practice and nor encouraged in the organization concerned under any circumstance.
    Also it implies that if any child or children are found working in any situation, return policies and procedures are present in the organization for remediation, which includes the adequate support in financial or any other aspects like they have to be enabled to attend school and all the different elements of SA 8000 Certification Services in Kuwait.
  • With an enabled SA 8000 certification for your organization in Kuwait, it assures that strict prohibition is implied force or compulsion on the workers and laborer’s.
    Also, it makes sure there isn’t any deposit, pending salary, property, benefits, documents for the compelled work.
  • For each organization in Kuwait, with a valid certification of SA 8000, the most important aspect which is ensured of being taken care is the bare minimum requirements of health and safety norms.
    The facilities should be adequate and must be a necessary provision for all the laborer’s and workers, according to SA 8000 services in Kuwait.
  • With an SA 8000 certification, it is clarified that the firm in Kuwait never denies its employees and workers from joining, supporting or forming a trade union and collective bargaining of their choice.
    It also implies that the organization never interfere in any of the matter of union and bear complete respect for the same, while informing the fellow employees about the advantages they can enjoy, being a part of an SA 8000 certified company.

Secure Your Social Accountability with ISO 8000 Certification Kuwait

For what reasons do you genuinely require ISO accreditation in any case? This is a kind of training and management structure that is utilized throughout the world. Numerous organizations and businesses depend on it.

Those without this kind of training may battle really to work in this system adequately. That can prompt extreme productivity misfortune and additionally costly missteps. You can stay away from this by essentially putting resources into training.

  • Demonstrates your sense of duty regarding social responsibility and to treating your representatives morally and inconsistency with worldwide standards
  • Enhances the management and execution of your inventory network
  • Enables you to guarantee consistency with global standards and lessen the danger of carelessness, open introduction, and conceivable case
  • Backings your corporate vision and manufacture and strengthen the steadfastness of your representatives, clients, and partners
  • Empowers you to show legitimate social responsibility when offering for worldwide contracts or growing locally to oblige new business
  • Joining forces with us to accomplish affirmation prompts better performing forms, expanding skilful ability, steady and consistent supply chains, and more economical client connections, conveying productive upper hand.
  • Show your organization’s sense of duty regarding social responsibility by joining forces with us to accomplish SA 8000 confirmation.

Steps to be taken for this certification

This document describes the means by which compliance to the ISO 9000 series of standards will be determined as registered companies change from their current revision (1994) to the year 2000 revision. Bear in mind that transition criteria may vary slightly from Accreditation Body to Accreditation Body (and therefore from Registrar to Registrar), just as the interpretation of the current requirements differs somewhat.

According to that scenario, here’s what’s likely to happen:

  • Each Registrar, as an organization, will adopt a set of internal criteria for handling the transition. These criteria will address not only the changes to the requirements of the standard, but they must also include a scheme by which they recommend existing clients for certification to the revised rule.
  • The Registrars will then create a plan for achieving the changeover. They will document this plan (a quality plan) as required by their quality system, just as a company certified to ISO 9001 will “define and document how the requirements for quality will be met”. (Certainly at this juncture, as part of planning, Registrars would consider any advisement of their Accreditation Bodies or other authorities, if any is provided.)
  • Indeed, this planning will address the revision of checklists to incorporate the new or revised requirements. It will also include plans for training the organizations’ auditors to interpret and assess the unique needs. Most Registrars also plan to provide their clients with guidance on how to address the new criteria.

Which organizations could Apply for SA 8000 Certification in Kuwait?

An organization is always up to take the certification which can lead them grows up and makes them best amongst the others. This is a certification that is not focused on one, but all kinds of organizations should take it.

Why Choose Us?

At British CERT, we assist various organizations to get a faster SA 8000 certification to save both your time and money. Any organization opting for an SA 8000 certification will get benefitted in the long run, with an improved employee satisfaction level with eventual infliction on increased productivity.

SA 8000 social accountability standard is designed abiding the norms and regulations of international human rights norms declared by the United Nations. We help you attain your social accountability 8000 standards as per the requirements.

Time is taken to SA 8000 Certification Kuwait

The complete documentation related to your organization is very much essential in case you are applying for this certification.

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