Benefits Of Using Sedex SMETA Audit in Kuwait

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Let’s have a look at what it is before you consult with us for further project requirements.

What is Sedex?

Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex) is an NGO based in UK which provides globally membership to Supplier and Manufacturer to use the same platform by participating into a ethical data exchange database platform which will allow end user the ethical data and fact sheet of their companies and which will ease the decision making process of buyer in terms of seeking an effective implementation of various International Organizational code practices. The organizational code being adopted by Sedex as an ethical policy to advise its user to follow and comply with statutory and regulatory requirements of such International Standards like ISO(International Standard Organization), ETI(Ethical Trading Initiative),UNGP(United Nation Guiding Principles), ILO (International Labour Organization), EPA(Environmental Protection Agency), OHSA(Occupational Health and Safety Body) etc. Sedex SMETA Audit is strict on Human rights issues around the globe in terms paying them proper wages to employees, keeping child labour, unhygienic conditions for workers and maltreatment of workers and the various harassment issues at sites where they are adhering the legal principle of the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act.

Know what is Sedex SMETA Audit in Kuwait?

Sedex SMETA Audit is basically emphasizing on practices for its user to follow certain guidelines in terms of controlling and managing compliance for Labour Rights, Workers Health and Safety and Staff welfare as per their system developed audit platform. This audit is mandatory by the Sedex in order to check the effective implementation of the Sedex Auditing Practicing guidelines i.e. called SMETA 6.0 (Sedex Member Ethical Trade Guide).

Know What is Sedex SMETA Certification?

The Sedex SMETA Audit and Certification is completely different from the ISO Certification Audit because it’s totally based on online auditing tools called SMETA 6.o The standard which has the clause requirements and it must comply by the manufacturer or the supplier in order to register their Company, office, and sites online and this auditing must be done by Sedex auditing members or non-members those are already practising and competent enough to carry out Sedex Certification Audit in Kuwait. QuickISO has developed its unique methodology to help clients to successfully participating in the Sedex SMETA Audit in Kuwait by providing ethical Sedex Consulting in Kuwait for local companies from A to Z.

Know what SMETA 6.0 Audit?

SMETA is developed by Sedex for its user and its completely online based system it’s called SMETA 6.0 (Sedex Member Ethical Trade Guide) the current version is 6.0 previous it was 5.0 recently they have upgraded in June 2017 and all the old members being asked to upgrade their system to SMETA 6.0 Audit. There are two types of SMETA audit

SMETA 2 Pillars Audit

This Audit covers

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Labour Standards

SMETA 4 Pillars Audit

This Audit covers

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Labour Standards
  3. Environment
  4. Business Ethics

How to register with Sedex database?


What are the Benefits of Sedex Certification?

  • Shows strong customer and supplier mutual commitment to ethical principles practices
  • Ethical work audit method which is easy and transparent between partners and clients which saves the money and time for duplication audit
  • It follows various International Standard such as ISO, ILO, ETI, UNGP, EPA, and OHSA to practice in a social format
  • It promotes strong social responsibly and sustainability to mitigate the risk for the company for future growth
  • Maintaining Ethical database for large numbers of companies which are quick access for business use

Steps and QuickISO Methodology for Sedex Certification

  • Self-Evaluation Application form submission
  • Helping to register into Sedex database
  • Training to staff
  • Gap Analysis
  • Documentation
  • Implementation & Control
  • Pre Audit Assessment
  • Final Audit
  • Assist on NCR clearance & submission

What is Sedex Certification documentation requirement in Kuwait?

You can request us for a visit to check your site to confirm your with the requirements which our auditors will assess as per Sedex Certification Checklist and submit you the compliance report whether you are eligible or not and we can discuss about the further plan how we can go ahead with it and what we should do to mitigate the Sedex compliance requirements, please book with us your appointment today.

How much time it will take for Sedex Certification in Kuwait?

When you want to apply for this certification you need to give the complete information about the work you do, the people working under your organization and many more to get the clear certification turn-around for your certification and based on your site compliance we will calculate the man days required and submit our best effective proposal.

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